Luxury Transport for your VIPet

About Pawsome Premier Transport

In 2008 Suzanne Corgan opened 'Paws Galore' the sister company of Pawsome Premier Transport.  Through Paws Galore she has offered dog training, walking and sitting services to a huge number of clients throughout Hertfordshire.

"One night a friend had an emergency.  They were having a dinner party and their dog was taken ill. No one could drive due to the wine that had been flowing so they called on me.  I got their dog to the vets and he recovered soon after. This got me thinking that maybe there was a service needed but missing in the area.  

First of all it started off with local runs to the vets, usually late at night in emergencies. Maybe taking a dog or cat to their new home. Eventually we started to get more calls to ask if we would collect a dog or cat from Paris Charles de Gaulle.  Realising there was a demand we expanded to Europe.

It is more cost effective for someone to fly into Paris and for us to collect them and bring them back to the UK than it is to fly them directly into the UK  In addition they travel in the vehicle with us and we always use the Chunnel to return so pets are never left alone.

2017 brought exciting progression within the company when we went into collaboration with Pet to Vet in  Lincolnshire."

In 2018 Suzanne decided to launch a dedicated company for pet transport and Pawsome Premier Transport was opened.

About Suzanne

Based in Hertfordshire, Suzanne has had all kinds of animals in her life including hamsters, terrapins, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicken, ducks, cats, dogs and horses. Animals have always and will always be a massive part of her life. To be working with animals ever day is a child hood dream come true.

Currently Suzanne is lucky enough to share her life with three Golden Retrievers, Lizzie, Margo and Ella.

A Dog Trainer since 1998 and an experienced lifetime animal handler Suzanne is able to offer a professional unrivalled service.

Suzanne and her VIP's