European Travel


Pawsome Premier Transport run regular trips to Europe - in particular Calais, Paris and London. 

Our VIP Pet Transport Service is door to door ensuring that your pet is safely delivered into your hands.

We take our Pet Transport service very seriously. The pets in our charge are our number one priority. Where they are concerned there will be no compromise to their safety and well being.

The vehicles we use are fully fitted out with Animal Transit Boxes Ltd crates. DEFRA approved our vehicles, which exceed the maximum requirements and standards set by DEFRA. They are climate controlled and fully fitted out with your pets comfort in mind. All windows are tinted for privacy and to keep the van cool in warmer months. They also have cameras fitted so we can keep an eye on them the whole journey.

We always use the Chunnel for Europe trips. This will give your pet a more comfortable, stress free journey and are not left alone at any time. We meet you and your pet/s at the airport arrivals lounge.  You can then catch a connecting flight relaxed in the knowledge that your pet is in safe hands on a comfortable journey. Paris is our most frequent collection point. Regular stops are made during the journey (which takes around 5-6 hours) to ensure your pet is comfortable and relaxed.  Dogs have regular breaks to stretch their legs and go to the toilet (click here for more information on transporting your dog).  Cats have an indoor toilet area within the travel unit so they can go to the toilet if they need to (click here for more information on transporting your cat).

If you need pet transport from or to Calais or as far afield as Italy, Slovakia or Poland then request a quote. Please note that the costs include the driver, diesel, tolls, Chunnel fee, insurances, road taxes. There are no hidden charges, the cost we quote does not have VAT added.  The Chunnel is charged, at cost, on booking.

Bringing your pet into the UK

The rules for bringing your pet cat, dog or ferret into the UK depend on where the animal is being transported from:

• an EU country, or another country the UK accepts pet passports from

• a listed country or an unlisted country (a country the UK doesn’t accept a pet passport from, and one that isn’t a listed country)

Countries the UK accepts pet passports from

As well as all countries in the EU, the UK also accepts pet passports from:

Andorra - Azores and Madeira - Canary Islands - French Guiana - Gibraltar - Greenland and the Faroe Islands - Guadeloupe - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Martinique - Monaco - Norway - Reunion - San Marino - Switzerland - Vatican City

Listed countries

The listed countries are:

Antigua and Barbuda - Argentina -Aruba - Ascension Island - Australia - Bahrain - Barbados - Belarus - Bermuda - BES Islands (Bonair, Saint Eustatius and Saba) - Bosnia-Herzegovina - British Virgin Islands - Canada - Cayman Islands - Chile - Curaçao -  Falkland Islands - Fiji - French Polynesia -Hong Kong - Japan - Malaysia - Mauritius - Mexico - Montserrat - New Caledonia - New Zealand - Russian Federation - Saint Maarten - Singapore - St Helena - St Kitts and Nevis - St Lucia - St Pierre and Miquelon - St Vincent and The Grenadines - Taiwan - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Trinidad and Tobago - United Arab Emirates -  USA (includes American Samoa - Guam - Northern Mariana Islands - Puerto Rico and the US virgin Islands) - Vanuatu - Wallis and Futuna.

If you’re travelling from Jamaica, you must have your pet microchipped and vaccinated in a different non-EU listed country or put your pet into quarantine.

There are more rules if you’re entering the UK with a cat from Australia or a cat or dog from Malaysia.

For more information,  take a look at the DEFRA pet passport scheme.


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