Travel for Dogs

Our vehicles are fitted out to ensure the dogs in our care are 100% comfortable and relaxed. We are able to transport all aged from pups to elderly citizens. We can provide a ramp for the elderly or young (but too large to lift!)

The crates, professionally fitted, have vet bed for comfort and water is available all the time. It is advisable that they have something familiar from their owner to help them to relax. Maybe an old t shirt or a blanket.

During the journey we make regular stops for them to go to the toilet and stretch their legs. If it is an overnight journey we would ask you to provide some food for them.

If your dog needs to go on a journey of more than 30 minutes, we do ask that they are not fed for at least 5 hours before travelling as more often than not the travelling upsets their tummies.

A camera installed in the van enables us to keep an eye on them throughout the whole journey meaning if they show any signs of distress we will see straight away and be able to stop and make sure they are ok.

If you are transporting your dog to or from Europe, have a look at our European Travel page for further information.

Whether you just need to get your dog to the groomer, or your pooch needs to take a longer trip, don't hesitate to request a quote.  We'll get back to you asap but to give you some idea of our rates:  (London to Edinburgh - approx £600) - (North Norfolk to London - approx £250.00) -  (Bristol to Dover - approx £240) - (York to London - approx £330) - (Cambridge to London - Approx - £130.00).

We are also very pleased to answer any other questions you might have so please do get in touch



Pawsome Premier Transport is a family run business, run by professionals from the Pet Industry.  We have a huge love of animals and will always treat our customers’ pets as our own.  Our VIP’s, Very Important Pets, welfare is our priority.

Q – Are you DEFRA registered?

A – Yes the company is registered with DEFRA to transport animals.

Q – My pet only weighs 6lbs does this mean the cost is cheaper?

A – The journey is being made specifically to transport your pet and this will incur the standard transportation rate.

Q – How many animals do you transport?

A – Only your pets.  We do not transport pets from several families

Q – What vehicle do you use?

A – We use vehicles fitted with the necessary safety equipment to transport pets.  All vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly and have air conditioning, essential in warmer climates.

Q – Do you use the ferry?

A – No we always use the Chunnel.  It is a much faster, smoother way to travel and it means your pet does not have to be left alone in the hold as they do on a ferry.  We can be with them all the time.

Q – What if there is an emergency?

A – Our drivers are trained pet first aiders.  Once they have made sure they have done all they can they will take your pet straight to a vet if necessary

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